AAKANSHA ( A short story )

Listen to this story about Aakansha, a little girl who has some questions which each of us need to answer. So many girls like her struggle for existence in their own families. Why is this the fate of girls in our society? Do we not need to attend to them now?

This is my first Doodle video. Hope you all will like it.


A story about the struggle of a young boy, Prakhar Chandra, who fights hard to achieve his identity. This story inspires us to make a new way for ourselves rather than just blindly following the world. Click on the audio link to hear this motivating story.

An inspiring Hindi short story.

My efforts to add to our literary heritage!

Dear friends,

It has been almost a month since I started this blog where I present my poems and stories which I write in Hindi language, in the audio form. Hindi has a glorious heritage of precious pieces of prose and poetry. I wish I could add a bit to this. It is my humble request to my listeners to post their comments so that I can know if my pieces are being liked by you or not. I wish I could improve my writing skills on the basis of the feedback. Thankyou for your support.

AAMANTRAN – A poem for my country

This is a poem dedicated to our country and its unity in diversity. It is our responsibility as Indians to keep this unity intact and see ourselves as a proud Indian rather than someone belonging to a specific region in the country. We share a great past together and it is our duty to steer India towards a greater future.

Let us all unite for our motherland!
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