Sarita – A Poem

This is the story of our lives (in the form of verses). We all love to live freely on our own terms but there are hurdles to this. Listen to the story to find our how life can achieve its goals if one takes small strides towards them inspite of obstacles big enough to turn the direction of the flow of the river called life!

Life flows like a river

BAI SAHEB – A Hindi Short Story

This is a short story about “Kalyani” , also known as Bai Saheb by people who know her, a story where the young men of a family try to find the whereabouts of one of the girls of their clan whom they had long forgotten. 

“Sometimes the past is forgotten but not forgiven!”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sabjio Ki Redi

My first short story is about a small family and the expectations of the family members from each other. Balwant Singh is a farmer who sells his vegetables in Dalhousie. He does not want his son to join his family business and works hard to get Mohan out of it. This story is about young Mohan’s efforts to show his father a new point of view in life without offending him. Hope you will enjoy it. Please don’t forget to send me your reviews.

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